Social Media Trends

Social Media 150x150 Social Media TrendsTrends help to identify the general course where certain events and key areas of life are headed. They help us to plan for the future and stay ahead of the competition. Here are some great posts related to Social Media Trends:

58 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed
As always, the roundup includes the latest social media tutorials, online resources for businesses and enriching digital lifestyle developments. It’s all about the Internet, and we’re breaking it down for your benefit and enjoyment

How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing
Social media is changing everything. How we communicate, do business and read our news. The biggest change to business is that it is democratizing marketing. Marketing is no longer monopolized by mass media, expensive printing firms or marketing agencies

How to Create a Killer Personal Branding Campaign
Call it self-marketing, personal branding, professional development, or any other buzzword you’d like. In any case, both finding a job and climbing the career ladder are all about investing in the business of you

13 Crowdfunding Platforms for the Social Entrepreneur
Finding money for your social venture is one of the biggest hurdles for a social entrepreneur. Crowdfunding is a relatively new funding method, but with some careful planning, little thought and some serious marketing, it can be a lucrative way to kick off a new social enterprise initiative

Adam Ostrow: After your final status update | TED Video
Many of us have a social media presence — a virtual personality made up of status updates, tweets and connections, stored in the cloud. Adam Ostrow asks a big question: What happens to that personality after you’ve died? Could it live on?

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